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DAYBREAK is currently being translated into French.  It was previously translated into Armenian, with the support of a grant from the Armenian Ministry of Culture.


I'm now doing post-production work on two plays, DAYBREAK and THE WOMEN WHO MAPPED THE STARS: revising in the wake of the productions -- not huge revisions now, but pruning out chunks of dialogue, lines, phrases, and individual words that the play can do without (thanks to the way a production shines a blacklight on the text, illuminating what used to be invisible).  Also, clarifying transitions, compressing stage directions, tightening action, sharpening language.  And checking the formatting and proofreading again.  And writing the synopsis, compiling press quotes, getting production photos up on the website, composing the pitch, and creating the list of theatres to send it to.  And looking up potential grants and awards opportunities.  The housework of playwriting.

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